City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission provides recommendations to the City Council on the physical, social and economic development of the City including the Five-Year Capital Agenda, Master Plan, and other proposals and ordinances for the regulation of development and land use, as required by the City Charter. The City Council may adopt the recommendations or reject them. The CPC also conducts public hearings on proposed map amendments (rezonings) and text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. These amendments are typically requested by developers, but changes are also initiated by residents, other city departments, and CPC staff.

The City Planning Commission consists of nine (9) members who are appointed by the City Council to three-year terms. Members serve without pay and must be residents of Detroit. Learn more about the Commission and its members on the About the City Planning Commission page.


New fee schedule beginning January 1, 2023:

Fee schedule for City Planning Commission



The City Planning Commission is pleased to announce the start of an important project called ZoneDetroit. The project is led by an experienced team of planners from the City Planning Commission staff, supported by an expert team of consultants. ZoneDetroit will modernize the existing Zoning Ordinance, providing an opportunity to refresh and rethink the existing regulations. ZoneDetroit will engage the community as part of the process to ensure local values and preferences are reflected in the finished product. For additional information, please visit the project website:


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