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The Detroit Health Department’s goal is to protect and promote the health, well-being, safety and resilience of all Detroiters. The health department offers immunizations, connects expecting mothers to prenatal care, provides vision screening, and is focused on improving the health of the Detroit community.

The Detroit Health Department’s mission is to work in partnership with Detroiters to protect and promote their health, well-being, safety and resilience. We work hard to respond to every public health need with exceptional leadership, policies, programs, and services.

Statement from the Detroit Health Department
Update: February 8, 2019

The Detroit Health Department was notified by the Department of Homeland Security this afternoon of the potential emission of fumes from the Marathon Refinery today around 3pm. The MDEQ monitors have not indicated that the fumes released February 1st and 2nd resulted in dangerously high levels of toxic substances. However, the odors from the facility may cause some people who are very sensitive to odors to have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, or difficulty breathing. If people are sensitive to those odors, then keeping those odors from entering your home and keeping windows closed will help prevent symptoms from occurring. Anyone experiencing severe symptoms should contact their medical provider.

Marathon Update - February 8, 2019

Marathon Petroleum continues to conduct air monitoring in nearby communities, and continues to share results with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the City of Detroit’s Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department. We plan to begin repairs to the malfunctioning flare this afternoon. As a precautionary measure, we will continue air monitoring for several hours after we de-activate the flare, in case there is any residual gas in the flare during the final de-activation process. We have notified local emergency response agencies of our plans.

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Marathon Oil Refinery Odor - February 5, 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In response to the Marathon Oil Refinery odor noted on February 1 and February 2, 2019, the Detroit Health Department is providing information about the issue and what residents should know.