Airport, Coleman A. Young International

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The Airport Department by City Ordinance, Section 4-1-2, acquires and holds aviation facilities, develops and operates them, leases these facilities; represents the city in all aviation matters affecting the interest of the city and manages all city properties and equipment devoted to aviation activities.

The department’s main holding is the Coleman A. Young Airport. The Airport covers 300 acres of land, which includes; two runways, the Air Carrier Terminal, Executive Terminal (including 14 large hangars), 129 small hangars with 145 based aircraft. Coleman A. Young Airport handles more than 75,000 aircraft operations. We are a Class C gateway airport with 5090 useable runway space.

Currently airport staff administers, operates, and maintains the airport. In addition, there are more than 100 personnel employed at Coleman A. Young Airport. The primary employers are The Airport Department, Midwest Air Traffic Control, FAA, AvFlight Corporation (Fixed Based Operator), Eastside  Aviation, Certified Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF),City Aviation, Civil Air Patrol, Tuskegee Airmen, Friends of Detroit City Airport, The Detroit Fire Department and the Detroit Aircraft Corporation.




The Coleman A. Young Airport Educational Programs, Customers Served and Services Offered include:


Civil Air Patrol , Airport 101, Tuskegee Airmen Annual Community Christmas Event

My Flight Helicopter Tours

Tuskegee Airmen Museum - Young Eagles, Drone Class, Rocket Class, Ground School for Airplanes

AvFlight-Fixed Based Operator

Davis Aerospace Technical High School -DPSCD