Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department

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We create safe environments for city residents.

The BSEED mission is to provide for the safety, health and welfare of the general public as it maintains buildings and their environments in an efficient, cost effective, user friendly and professional manner.

BSEED enforces construction, property maintenance, environmental compliance and zoning codes, which preserve and enhance property values and promote a quality of life to make Detroit a preferred place to reside and conduct business.


BSEED Divisions

Development Resource Center
Simple and easy to navigate online systems will allow you to submit plans and apply for building permits faster than ever before, schedule Preliminary Plan Review, Learn where your Project is allowed

Construction Inspections
Information on inspection processes for construction projects, including boilers, buildings, electrical, elevators, mechanical, and plumbing

Environmental Affairs
Overview of the Environmental Affairs division, including information on major goals, ongoing initiatives, and a particular focus on Brownfields and Right-of-Entry.

Property Maintenance
Ensures compliance for commercial & residential properties and enforces the rental ordinance, property maintenance, and dangerous building codes.

Licensing and Permits
Issues business licenses & permits; Ensures businesses are operating compliant with City Code

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