Planning and Development Department

We help plan for the city’s future.

The City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department (PDD) aims to build a city secure in its future, grounded in its roots and hopeful in its present state. The vision of PDD’s mission is a healthy and beautiful Detroit, built on inclusionary growth, economic opportunity, and an atmosphere of trust.


  1. That every citizen has the right to live in a socially, environmentally and economically healthy community.
  2. That Detroit is blessed with a rich history and tremendous physical assets with opportunities for historic and environmental preservation.
  3. That the potential of the City will be best realized by embracing the broadest, most far-reaching and inclusive vision of what is possible.
  4. That citizen engagement strengthens decisions and generates confidence in the future.


A healthy and beautiful Detroit, that is built on inclusionary growth and economic opportunity in an atmosphere of trust.


To build a city secure in its future, grounded in its roots, and hopeful in its present.

Engaging the Community

Community engagement is critical to the work in the Planning & Development Department (PDD). For each Neighborhood Framework Plan, conversations with community stakeholders and residents play an essential role in developing recommendations for development and revitalization projects. 

While each study has a slightly different approach, the process includes: 

  • A series of public community meetings to share thoughts, ask for feedback, and discuss concerns with residents
  • A comprehensive communications strategy to keep residents updated, utilizing email newsletters, print mailings, door-to-door canvassing, surveys, and more
  • Regularly convening groups of community leaders to advise and consult on the framework plan
  • Meeting residents in smaller focus groups and listening sessions for more in-depth conversations 
  • Holding regular office hours during which residents can ask questions and share concerns
  • 1-on-1 conversations with residents who can share insights about a specific aspect of the neighborhood plan 
  • Partnering with existing institutions (local businesses, farmer’s markets, etc.) to set up additional places for engagement

As a result of these strategies, we aim to accomplish the following through all of our work:

  1. Meet people where they are
  2. Be clear and accessible – no jargon!
  3. Make engagement fun and interesting
  4. Build a strong and meaningful neighborhood presence

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