August 2020 Primary Election Absentee Application

Presentation used during the virtual community meeting on May 28, 2020 on the planned West Warren/Parkland stormwater project.

Recommended changes to the Community Benefits Ordinance

MMF Hearings for June 4, 2020

Special Land Use Hearings for June 3, 2020

Notice Of Proposed Substantial Amendment to HUD Action Plans, Fiscal Years Pre-2015 through 2019

Proximate demolition activity and elevated blood lead levels among children in Detroit, Michigan, 2014 – 2018.

Community Engagement Ordinance Power Point 

May 28, 2020 DPD Budget Q3 Presentation

May 28, 2020 DPD Budget Presentation

May 18, 2020 DPD Facial Recognition

May 21, 2020 BOPC Meeting Minutes

Chair Lisa Carter speaks out against the fatal Minneapolis police encounter on Memorial Day.

All public swimming pools as defined in the Michigan Public Health Code, Act 368 of 1978, at §333.12521(d), located in the City of Detroit, shall be closed and shall remain closed to the public until the Chief Public Health Officer of the Detroit Health Department determines that the threat to pu

The following slides contain PDD’s recommendations for continued community engagement using tools that allow for remote interaction and social distancing. These should also serve as a tool for other audiences and stakeholder to adapt and utilize where needed.

Revised Citizen Participation Plan (Updated May 27, 2020)

Proposed Activities for CARES Funding by Program