The City of Detroit Office of the Ombudsman was first charted more than 40 years ago. It is designed to provide protection for the individual citizen, businessperson, or developer, where there is a lack of follow-up or city services rendered. 

The Ombudsman is appointed by a two-thirds majority of the Detroit City Council to a 10- year term under the City of Detroit 2012 Charter (Article 7.5.-Chapter 4- Sec.7.5-401. - Sec.7.5-417) 
The City of Detroit Ombudsman, Bruce Simpson, is a liaison between the City of Detroit and all persons who have a complaint or inquiry into the operation of a city department or conduct of a city employee. Ombudsman Simpson works as an independent oversight to provide individuals with an opportunity of providing a confidential avenue to address complaints. The Office proposes policy and procedural changes when systemic issues are identified.

As an investigative agency, our responsibilities include processing all complaints, inquiries, and advocating for the delivery of city public services.

The Office of the Ombudsman Delivers:


  • A confidential free of charge service to address complaints.
  • An independent review and analysis of complaints or inquiries involving City services or City employees, with the purpose of identifying a resolution. 
  • Thorough investigations of a complaint or inquiry and makes recommendations to the appropriate City department or person to resolve the matter.
  • Prompt response and follow-up on each complaint or inquiry.
  • When appropriate, the identity of barriers that interfere with, or prevent an efficient resolution of a complaint or inquiry.
  • In-depth written responses and maintains chronicles related to the action taken in response to the complaint or inquiry.



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