Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity Department

We enforce the law to make sure opportunity is always fair.

The Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity (“Civil Rights or CRIO”) department is responsible for ensuring access and removing barriers through innovative and high quality customer-driven programs that foster access, economic opportunity and empowerment for residents, employees and businesses in the City of Detroit.  The City of Detroit’s Department of Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity (CRIO) was formerly known as the Human Rights Department.

The department is here to provide access to all municipal programs and services, regardless of language or any other communication barriers by creating a Limited English Proficiency Plan, educating City employees on how to access translation services and providing those services to residents.

Additionally, the department is responsible for the certification of Detroit Headquartered and Detroit Based Businesses.  We also certify Women, Minority and Small and Start-Up businesses and provide Section 3 Certification.

CRIO is responsible for monitoring the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) which works to increase City of Detroit Residents in apprentice programs and in union membership.

CRIO is tasked with investigating complaints of discrimination for the protected class, sexual harassment and workplace violence.  CRIO is also responsible for enforcing the American Disabilities Act.

Through our funding, we create opportunities for the community by ensuring Detroit Residents are represented on projects that have received funding regulated by the City of Detroit.


  • Provide Language Access Services
  • Become a Detroit Certified Business
  • Access to Section Three Certification
  • Information about who is participating in our STEP program
  • Providing a safe and discrimination free working environment
  • Access to Skilled Trades Training and Job Opportunities