• As we work out way through this crisis, one small but very important action everyone can take now, to help our City and its people, is to fill out their 2020 Census.
  • This one action will take most people about 10 minutes, but it will impact our City for the next ten years, especially in the areas of health care, food and emergency services—all the things that are so critical in this crisis.
  • Spread the word! Participation in the census has never been easier. Go online to my2020census.gov or call the toll free number 844-330-2020 or using the paper form.
  • Your personal information is protected by federal law, so on the Census form you must use the address where you actually stay, even if it’s different than the one on your license.
  • Now more than ever, if you live in Detroit Be Counted as a Detroiter!
census return rate of 17 major cities

Census Response Rates by Council District

Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Rosedale Park 72.6%
North Rosedale Park 72.5%
Greenfield-Grand River 68.8%
Evergreen-Outer Drive 64.7%
Evergreen Lahser 7-8 62.8%
Grandmont #1 62.1%
Miller Grove/McNichols-Evergreen 61.6%
O'Hair Park 61.3%
Minock Park 59.9%
Crary-St Marys 59.0%
Hubbell-Puritan 58.5%
Five Points 57.3%
The Eye 56.8%
Castle Rouge 56.5%
Malvern Hill/Oak Grove/Old Redford 56.1%
Eliza Howell 55.5%
Berg-Lahser 54.8%
Belmont 53.4%
Seven Mile-Rouge 51.3%
Grand River-St Marys 51.1%
Grandmont 49.3%
Schoolcraft Southfield 47.5%
Holcomb Community 43.4%
South of Six 43.1%
Hubbell-Lyndon 43.0%
Westwood Park 40.4%
Riverdale 39.8%
Cadillac Community 37.7%
Brightmoor 34.3%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Sherwood Forest/Palmer Woods 81.7%
University District 73.2%
Green Acres 68.9%
McDowell 68.4%
Greenwich 67.8%
Schaefer 7-8 Lodge/Blackstone Park 65.8%
Tri-Point 65.2%
Schulze 64.7%
Winship 64.2%
San Bernardo/Seven Mile Lodge 64.1%
College Park 61.9%
Bagley 60.4%
Pembroke 59.6%
Garden Homes 56.2%
Greenfield 52.5%
Harmony Village 50.7%
Bethune Community 44.1%
Fitzgerald-Marygrove 42.4%
Martin Park/Pilgrim Village 42.1%
Dexter-Fenkell 36.7%
Oakman Blvd (D2) 36.0%
Palmer Park/Detroit Golf 33.1%
Penrose/State Fair 32.0%
Grixdale Farms 27.0%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Mohican Regent 64.0%
Butler 60.3%
Sherwood 57.6%
Pershing 56.6%
Mount Olivet 53.5%
Buffalo Charles 53.4%
Conant Gardens 52.6%
Regent Park 51.1%
Farwell 51.0%
Pulaski 48.1%
Nortown 48.0%
Krainz Woods 47.4%
Conner Creek 46.7%
Northeast Central District 45.5%
Grant 44.8%
Hawthorne Park 42.8%
Nolan 39.1%
Campau-Banglatown/North Campau 35.7%
Von Steuben 34.4%
Davison 33.8%
Airport Sub 33.6%
Cadillac Heights 32.7%
Franklin 30.2%
Greenfield Park 27.0%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
East English Village 60.1%
Moross-Morang 54.2%
Cornerstone Village 51.1%
Yorkshire Woods/Denby 50.1%
Jefferson Chalmers 46.3%
Morningside 41.4%
Chandler Park/Chandler Park-Chalmers 39.9%
LaSalle College Park/Gratiot-Findlay 39.4%
Outer Drive-Hayes 38.3%
Eden Gardens 37.6%
Fox Creek 34.9%
Wade/Ravendale 33.2%
West End 32.5%
Mapleridge 31.9%
Riverbend 31.2%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Indian Village 59.9%
Elmwood Park 55.1%
Boston Edison/Historic Atkinson 51.9%
Medical Center 48.2%
Marina District/Conner Creek Industrial 44.7%
Forest Park/Eastern Market 44.7%
Pingree Park 44.6%
Cultural Center 43.7%
Lafayette Park 43.4%
Gateway Community 42.3%
Gratiot-Grand 41.4%
Brush Park/Brewster Homes/Douglass 40.7%
Henry Ford/West Virginia Park 40.2%
Downtown (D5) 39.2%
LaSalle Gardens 38.9%
West Village 38.3%
New Center/New Center Commons/Virginia Park 37.2%
North LaSalle 37.0%
NW Goldberg 36.1%
Piety Hill 35.4%
Gratiot Woods 35.2%
Elijah McCoy 35.1%
Rivertown 35.0%
Gold Coast/Joseph Berry Sub 34.9%
Medbury Park/Milwaukee Junction 33.8%
North End 33.0%
Arden Park 31.9%
McDougall-Hunt 31.2%
Gratiot Town-Kettering 31.2%
Jamison 31.0%
East Village 31.0%
Islandview 30.4%
Wildemere Park 29.1%
Petoskey-Otsego 28.3%
East Canfield 27.9%
Dexter-Linwood 27.2%
Poletown East 26.6%
Herman Kiefer 26.2%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Boynton 52.0%
Core City 50.0%
North Corktown 46.9%
Mexicantown 45.2%
Woodbridge 45.2%
Corktown 45.1%
Jeffries 43.1%
Springwells 40.7%
Central Southwest 38.7%
Claytown 37.7%
Michigan-Martin 36.5%
Hubbard Farms 34.2%
Chadsey Condon 31.7%
Downtown (D6) 30.4%
Midtown 30.1%
Midwest 28.2%
West Side Industrial 28.1%
Hubbard-Richard 25.8%
Wayne State 24.5%
Delray/Carbon Works 24.3%
Oakwood Heights 2.9%
Census Response:
By Neighborhood
Far West Detroit 65.1%
Aviation Sub 64.6%
West Outer Dr 64.0%
Plymouth-Hubbell 58.4%
Fiskhorn/We Care Community 54.3%
Weatherby 52.7%
Joy-Schaefer 51.0%
Garden View 50.3%
Warrendale 49.7%
Southfield Plymouth 49.3%
Franklin Park 48.6%
Warren Ave Community 48.5%
Russell Woods 45.8%
Barton-McFarland 45.2%
Joy Community 43.8%
Davison-Schoolcraft/Northwest Community 41.5%
Oakman Blvd (D7) 40.6%
Pride Area Community 39.9%
Littlefield Community 38.7%
Chalfonte 38.0%
Plymouth-96 36.0%
Grand River-96 31.7%
Happy Homes 29.1%
Nardin Park 25.6%


Here’s how we’re working to count every Detroiter:


Partnering with Community Organizations


We’re partnering with community organizations from every sector of the city. Together we’ll reach out, block by block, to encourage people to sign up as volunteers and to consider paid temporary Census jobs.


Reaching Out


We’re reaching out to hard-to-count populations. People without internet access, low-income households, people with disabilities, people of color, undocumented immigrants, people who don’t speak English and members of the LGBT community are among the hardest people to count in the Census.


Fighting Misinformation


We’re fighting misinformation. Under federal law, information you provide to the Census is confidential and cannot be used for anything other than statistical purposes. Your information cannot be shared with other government agencies, private companies, law enforcement, courts or individuals.


An accurate Census count is crucial for Detroit. It will help ensure not only fair political representation in Washington, D.C., and Lansing, but also how much federal funding is sent to the City and the State of Michigan for all sorts of programs, from Medicare and Medicaid, schools and Head Start to highway planning and construction, and nutrition and housing assistance for low-income families.

If you count on HEALTH CARE, BE COUNTED!

Michigan receives $8.3 billion a year in federal funding for Medicaid and Medicare, and Detroit gets $2 billion. An accurate count of Detroit’s population ensures Detroiters get their fair share.

Kids at school
If you count on EDUCATION, BE COUNTED!

The federal government grants more than $1.5 billion to Michigan for schools, Head Start and school lunch programs. Detroit’s fair share depends on an accurate Census count.

Bridge card

Michigan receives $2.6 billion a year in food assistance for low-income families from the federal government. An accurate Census count makes sure Detroit gets its fair share of that funding.

Road repairs
If you count on ROADS, BE COUNTED!

Michigan gets over $1 billion dollars for road construction from the federal government, based on the Census count.


We need your help to make sure everyone is counted in Census 2020. Here’s how you can help:



  • Host a Census sign up event for people in the neighborhood, at local businesses
  • Volunteer at City sign up events
  • Ask local business to put up poster, cards for customers


  • Tweet, share, spread the word about the census with family, friends, colleagues
  • Help neighbors w/o computer to sign up online