About the City Planning Commission

Designated Legislative Policy Division staff members serve as staff to the City Planning Commission, which acts as the City’s zoning commission pursuant to State law.  Services provided by the LPD planning staff include providing opportunities for input at public hearings; information on zoning of particular parcels and on the process of rezoning parcels or otherwise amending the City’s Zoning Ordinance; information on uses permitted in zoning districts and other zoning requirements; general information on development projects; specific information on projects pending before the City Council or acted upon by the City Council; and assistance in proposal preparation and community organizing.  

Planning staff addresses concerns citizens may have about development taking place in their area.  Staff monitors projects reviewed by the City Planning Commission and approved by the City Council and holds workshops for community groups on proposal writing, project monitoring, and organizational development.

The City Planning Commission is an advisory body of the City Council that has several major functions prescribed by the Michigan Planning Enabling Act and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. Additionally, under Sections 4-301 to 4-303 of the Detroit City Charter, the Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on a number of matters, including: the Mayor’s proposed Master Plan of Policies for social, economic and physical development: the five-year Capital Agenda and Annual Budget, development of renewal projects; proposals for community development and neighborhood conservation; proposals for acquisitions and disposition of public real property; and proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments.

The City Planning Commission also acts as the Zoning Commission for the City of Detroit pursuant to Section 125.3301 of State Act 110 of the Public Acts of 2006 as amended and in accordance with Chapter 61, Article II, Sec. 61-2-11 of the 1984 Detroit City Code, the Zoning Ordinance. In this capacity, the Commission processes and evaluates all proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance; holds the state-required public hearing; and undertakes design review of buildings and signs in designated areas.

The City Planning Commission, jointly with the Housing & Revitalization Department, is also responsible for the review and recommendation of proposals for the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. The Commission office appreciates being informed when citizens have concerns about development taking place in their area. The Commission monitors projects approved by the City Council and holds workshops for community groups on proposal writing, project monitoring and organizational development. (Detroit City Charter Secs. 4-301 to 4-303)


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