Human Resources Department

We hire and train city employees to better serve you.

The Human Resources (HR) Department connects Detroiters to a variety of jobs, training programs and opportunities that are available throughout the city. The Human Resources (HR) Department ensures that the 9,000 employees and job applicants of the City of Detroit are treated fairly on the basis of race, religion, color, age, gender, national origin, disability or other criteria prohibited by City, State or Federal Law.

Human Resources consists of the following divisions:

  • Benefits
    Jeremiah Gross
    Benefits Manager
    Suite 304
  • Classification and Compensation
    Chief Classification and Compensation Officer
    Suite 314
  • Employee Services Division
    Ursula Taylor
    Director of Employee Services
    Suite 316
  • Labor Relations Division
    Keith Worthy
    Director of Labor Relations
    Suite 332
  • Office of Talent Development & Performance
    Iris Ware
    Chief Learning Officer
    Suite 308
  • Policy, Planning & Operations
    Kimberly Hall-Wagner, Esq
    Chief of Policy, Planning & Operations
    Suite 316
  • Recruitment Division
    Daryl Conrad
    Chief Recruitment Officer
    Suite 314
  • Risk Management
    Donald Settles
    Risk Manager
    Suite 805














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