Department of Public Works

We strive for cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.

The role of the Department of Public Works is to provide environmental and infrastructure services designed to ensure the cleanliness and safe and efficient mobility of the residents, visitors, and customers of the city; to provide for the oversight and management of solid waste collection activities performed by private contractors, including citywide curbside recycling. We facilitate the clearing of illegally dumped debris and provide construction, maintenance, and engineering design of streets and alleys; perform snow & ice removal services, perform sidewalk maintenance, as well as establish and maintain systems and devices for safe and expeditious regulation and control of traffic.

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2023 Speed Humps 

2023 Street Sweeping Season begins April 17 and ends October 31

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      Find out when your recycling, trash, bulk & yard waste gets picked up: 

      1. Go to:
      2. Type your street address where it says "Type your street address" and choose the correct address from the list of results.
      3. Now choose "My Schedule" or enter your phone number to get text message reminders the evening before each pickup.

      You may also sign up for the weekly reminders by texting your street address to: 

      Text your street address to sign up for trash & recycling reminders

      If you have issues with your garbage, recycling or any other waste pick-up services please contact your provider at the following numbers:

      Refuse Collection Map