BSEED Divisions

7 BSEED Divisions & their frequently requested services. Check out each division's page for full steps or additional information on each process.

Development Resource Center

Get started with your project here! The DRC can answer your development questions and provide you with resources & direction to accomplish your projects.

Learn where your project is allowed and scope permits & fees

Request a Preliminary Plan Review meeting

Zoning & Site Plan Review

How to apply for permits online

Building & sign permit information

Zoning/Special Land Use

The Zoning Division conducts Site Plan Reviews, public hearings for Conditional Land Uses, per the City of Detroit Zoning Ordinance, and conducts historical research for the purpose of zoning verification.

Apply for Site Plan Review

Apply for Special Land Use hearings

Zoning Verification Letter

Zoning Ordinance - Chapter 50 of the Detroit City Code

*For full steps & additional information on each of these steps, see the Construction Inspection page*

Marijuana Application for Special Land Use Hearing (


Plan Review

The Plan Review Division is responsible for ensuring that developments or building projects comply with the City of Detroit adopted Ordinances and Codes. The staff performs review of the permit application and plans for the proposed projects

Apply for permits online

Step-by-step guide to the online application process

Information about sign permits & the sign ordinance

Request a Pre-Plan Consultation

Construction Inspection

The Construction Inspection Division is responsible for performing inspections of construction activities in order to ensure construction projects meet approved plans and are in compliance with building codes and standards. Construction Inspection includes six trade teams: boilers, buildings, electrical, elevators, mechanical, and plumbing.

Get a Certificate of Occupancy

Get a Certificate of Acceptance

Register & Renew a Contractor License

Schedule your inspection with the necessary trade

*For full steps & additional information on each of these steps, see the Construction Inspection page*

Licensing & Permits

The Licensing & Permits Division reviews business license applications, business license renewals, and provide a service to help contractors and homeowners pull necessary permits.

Getting your Business License

Business License Renewal

New applicants for medical marijuana

Renewal applicants for medical marijuana

Environmental Affairs

The Environmental Affairs Division is the environmental authority for the City of Detroit whose purpose is to conserve & protect the natural resources of the city in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of the people. Environmental Enforcement enforces Property Maintenance and Solid Waste codes and issue violations.

Right of Entry Permits 

Obtain general compliance/alternate compliance Certificate of Operation

Obtain a Host Community Agreement

Bulk solid material storage

Environmental Enforcement

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Division is comprised of several sub-subdivisions and ensures continued compliance for commercial & residential properties, manages vacant and blighted structures for both commercial & residential buildings, enforces the Property Maintenance Code & Rental Ordinance.

Rental Property

Abandoned/Dangerous Buildings

Commercial Annual Inspections

District Inspectors

Commercial Corridor

  • Guidelines for vacant buildings
  • Guidelines for open businesses
  • Map of commercial corridors
  • Resources for restoring your commercial property

Residential Office

  • Register vacant property
  • How to request a presale inspection
  • Lead inspections & requirements