Abandoned/Dangerous Buildings

A dangerous building is a house or any other building that shows serious defects, unsafe conditions, or is vacant and open to trespass.


Getting to the Finish Line

How to Apply for a Demolition Deferral

If your property has been ordered demolished by City Council you can apply for deferral to have it removed.

You will need to complete payment & submit your application & associated documents to [email protected]
Note: there are different applications & requirements for residential or commercial properties.

How to Release Lis Pendens

Here you find a list of what is required to request a Release of Lis Pendens. 

How to Request Preliminary Inspection Application

Complete the above application & submit to the Property Maintenance Division

How to report abandoned & dangerous buildings

Contact: (313) 224-3215


Dangerous Building Ordinance - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Section 12-11-28

Emergency Demolition

Emergency Demolition Orders are issued when, in the opinion of the Building Official, conditions of a building, structure, or any part of a structure are found to be structurally unsound, unsafe, dangerous, imminent danger and/or poses an actual and immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Examples may include but are not limited to. leaning, bowing and/or missing walls, or a building collapsed into basement leaving a void.