Abandoned/Dangerous Buildings

A dangerous building is a house or any other building that shows serious defects, unsafe conditions, or is vacant and open to trespass.


Getting to the Finish Line

How to Apply for a Demolition Deferral

If your property has been ordered demolished by City Council you can apply for deferral to have it removed.

You will need to complete payment & submit your application & associated documents to [email protected]
Note: there are different applications & requirements for residential or commercial properties.

How to Release Lis Pendens

Here you find a list of what is required to request a Release of Lis Pendens. 

How to Request Preliminary Inspection Application

Complete the above application & submit to the Property Maintenance Division

How to report abandoned & dangerous buildings

Contact: (313) 224-3215


Dangerous Building Ordinance - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Section 12-11-28

Demolition Suspension

See the Detroit Demolition Program page for full information regarding the suspension of demolitions.

Through June 2020, only Emergency Demolitions will be prioritized.

Starting in July 2020, additional buildings will be prioritized for demolition.

Emergency Demolition

Emergency Demolition Orders are issued when, in the opinion of the Building Official, conditions of a building, structure, or any part of a structure are found to be structurally unsound, unsafe, dangerous, imminent danger and/or poses an actual and immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Examples may include but are not limited to. leaning, bowing and/or missing walls, or a building collapsed into basement leaving a void.