Plumbing Inspection Team

The Plumbing Division of the Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department is responsible for ensuring that plumbing systems and skilled trade persons comply with code and ordinance requirements. The Plumbing Division reviews plans and inspects new construction, alterations, and renovations of plumbing systems. This division is also responsible for issuing plumbing permits, and registering licenses for plumbing contractors and water treatment operators.

Another responsibility of the Plumbing Division is to perform cross-connection inspections to identify potable water systems that require being protected from contaminates. The cross-connection control program is required by the State of Michigan's Safe Drinking Water Act 1976 PA 399.

When a notice of violation is not complied with promptly, the code official shall request the legal counsel of the jurisdiction to institute the appropriate proceedings at law or in equity to restrain, correct, or abate such violation, or to require the removal or termination of the unlawful occupancy of the structure in violation of the code in accordance with the 2018 Michigan Plumbing Code Section 108.

A person who violates a provision of the code, who fails to conform with any of the requirements thereof, or who erects, install, alters, or repairs plumbing work in violation of the approved construction documents or directive of the enforcing agency, or a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of the code shall be assessed a fine in accordance with the act and 2002 PA 733, MCL 338.3511 to 338.3569.


Test reports for Backflow Preventers can be emailed to [email protected]

Separate permits for water and sewage connections may be required.  Verify and apply here:

Request a DWSD Permit | City of Detroit (