Certificate of Compliance

In addition to obtaining a Certificate of Registration, as a rental property owner you are required to successfully pass an inspection by the City or the City’s qualified third-party inspector and obtain a Lead Clearance Report to qualify for a Certificate of Compliance. You must also be current on property taxes. The Certificate of Compliance demonstrates that your property is now safe for occupancy. It is valid for one year from the date it is issued.


Steps to Obtain a Rental Certificate of Compliance 

1. Register property as rental on the City of Detroit BSEED website

2. Complete Rental Inspection

  • 1-2 Unit properties schedule with 3rd party inspection company. Approved inspection companies are listed on the BSEED website.
    • Once reviewed, upload report into Accela via eLAPs.
  • 3+ unit properties schedule inspection with BSEED online
    • Inspection results will be reflected in your account and you will be issued a Correction Order for any deficiencies. The correction order will be uploaded in your eLAPS account.
  • If violations exist, make the necessary repairs to the property and schedule a re-inspection with the 3rd party or BSEED (whoever performed the 1st inspection)
    • Pull permits for any work required, via the Permits Module in eLAPs. The permit may require a licenses professional to perform the work.
  • TIPS: 
    • Identify and repair and deficiencies, deteriorated components, or hazardous conditions that exist on the property and structure prior to having your inspection performed.
    • Make sure a person over the age of 17 is present to allow access to the building and each unit, room, common area, mechanical room, garage, and separate structure on the property for the inspector to inspect.
    • Allow for a two-hour window for inspector to begin inspection and a one-hour window for the inspection period (additional time may be required based on the size of the property)

3. If the property was built before 1978 complete initial lead inspection and risk assessment here

  • Hire a lead certified contractor to remediate if lead hazards are present
  • 1-2 Units: Submit a lead-based paint inspection/risk assessment report and lead hazard clearance report to your 3rd party rental inspection company electronically for BSEED for review.
  • 3+ Units: Three or more units submit reports to [email protected]
  • Upload Lead report into Accela via eLAPs.
  • Open the record in your account and, under Record Info, select Attachments. This allows you to 'Add' and upload the Lead Report and any other additional documents required.

4. Inspector will submit inspection report results to BSEED for review and acceptance

  • Any conditions found on the property that does not meet the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code will result in the creation of a Correction Order that will be issued to the property owner. A second inspection must be scheduled and performed to determine completion of the conditions.

5. Pay outstanding BSEED Fees

  • All property owners should go to their accounts in Accela to pay all BSEED fees.
  • If property owners do not have an account in Accela, please go to the BSEED website to make payments.

6. Pay outstanding DAH Fines

  • Fees can be searched on the DAH website here and payments can be made online

7. Once the rental inspection pass and there are no blight judgements owed or inspection fees, BSEED issues Certificate of Compliance to property owner