Host Community Agreements


Step 1.       What to do before requesting a Host Community Agreement (HCA)

                    The steps for the applicant to take are as follows:

a)  research the property to be used and verify proper zoning for the intended use;

a. Verification of zoning for the property can be done via the Detroit Development Opportunity map.

b)  prepare an operational plan and site plan and submit for Site Plan Review; and

c)   request a Special Land Use Hearing.

Step 2.       Applicant will need to send a copy of the plans and operational guidelines to the BSEED Environmental Affairs (EA),  and request a Host Community Agreement.

Step 3.       EA will follow up to arrange a visit to your location.

Step 4.       EA will establish a clean-up closure guarantee amount for the site that will need to be met by either a performance bond, standby letter of credit,   or closure insurance policy.

Step 5.       The applicant will be required to meet the clean-up closure guarantee amount and  name the City of Detroit as the beneficiary.

Step 6.       The Host Community Agreement is prepared by the City of Detroit and executed by the applicant and the City of Detroit.

Step 7.       Once completed, the HCA and a Resolution are submitted to City Council for approval.

Step 8.       The approved Resolution is submitted to Wayne County for the facility to be included in the Wayne County Solid Waste Management Plan.