Rental Property Information

 The Buildings, Safety Engineering, & Environmental Department (BSEED) is responsible for making sure that all rental properties in the city are properly registered, up to code, and have obtained a Certificate of Compliance

Follow the Rental Property Compliance Schedule Map below (click to enlarge image)

2. Schedule & pass a rental inspection with an approved City of Detroit 3rd party inspection company:

  • SafeBuilt Inspection
  • Detroit Inspection Group
  • ETC (Environmental Testing Consulting Inc.)
  • Prospections

3. Submit a Lead Inspection Risk Assessment & Lead Clearance to [email protected] & to your 3rd party inspection company.

4. Must be current on property taxes or have payments arranged with Wayne County Treasurer. Submit your DAH Clearance Certificate

5. All inspection fees & any blight violation judgments must be paid prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance

6. Make sure you follow the renewal process to maintain your Registered Rental Property.