Rental Property Information

 The Buildings, Safety Engineering, & Environmental Department (BSEED) is responsible for making sure that all rental properties in the city are properly registered, up to code, and have obtained a Certificate of Compliance

Follow the Rental Property Compliance Schedule Map below (click to enlarge image)

2. Schedule & pass a rental inspection with an approved City of Detroit 3rd party inspection company:

  • SafeBuilt Inspection
  • Detroit Inspection Group
  • ETC (Environmental Testing Consulting Inc.)
  • Prospections

3. If a 3rd party inspection company completed your inspection  send your Lead Inspection Risk Assessment to the third party and if the City completed your inspection send your inspection send your  Lead Inspection Risk Assessment  to [email protected] .

4. Must be current on property taxes or have payments arranged with Wayne County Treasurer. Submit your DAH Clearance Certificate

5. All inspection fees & any blight violation judgments must be paid prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance

6. Make sure you follow the renewal process to maintain your Registered Rental Property.