Right of Entry

A Right-of-Entry (ROE) is required to access city-owned parcels and the right-of-entry to the right-of-way (ROE_ROW) is required for access to City rights-of-way. These permits are required for any environmental or geotechnical activities on City-owned property. Other activities may also require ROE. If you are unsure, you may contact Environmental Affairs for a determination.

If work includes any permanent monitoring wells (> 30 days) in the Right-of-Way obtain, the applicant must complete a petition for encroachment from the Department of Public Works prior to applying for the ROE permit.

Please be advised: current applications timelines average three to four weeks. In addition to the ROE_ROW the applicant must also secure right-of-way permits for performing work/activities in the public right-of-way, including but not limited to open cuts, backfills, and barricades. right-of-way permits must be obtained prior to the commencement of site work/activities from the department of public works, city engineering division.

Step 1. How to Create an Account in eLAPS/Accela

The applicant (i.e., consulting/contracting firm) creates an account through BSEED’s Electronic Licensing and Permitting System (eLAPS) to request access to City Property in order to conduct environmental activities on city-owned property. 

Accela/eLaps: Video: How to create an eLaps Accounts
Accela/eLaps: Website login and/or new user registration page

Step 2.  How to Submit a Permit and Documents to Prepare

The applicant submits a Right of Entry permit and uploads the required information: 

Accela/eLaps Video: How to Submit for a Permit
  • Detailed Scope of Work that outlines the activities to be performed (including dates of the requested access, contact name, phone number and email);
  • Proof of Required Insurance
  • Additional Insured Endorsements listing the City of Detroit as additional insured: and
  • Detailed Site Map 
Step 3.  BSEED Environmental Affairs (EA) will review the application for content and completeness. 
Step 4.  Once complete, the request will be submitted to the Law Department.
Step 5.  The Law Department will review submitted application materials and will draft the ROE.  If modifications are requested by the Law Department, EA will notify applicant to modify application.
Step 6.   Once the ROE is approved, EA will notify the department of ownership (e.g., Planning and Development Department) for signature.
Step 7.   EA will email the signed ROE to the applicant for signature.  
Step 8.   The applicant is NOT granted access until a signed copy of the ROE is received by EA.
Step 9.   If the applicant receives a ROE_ROW they must contact the Department of Public Works to obtain a Right-of-Way permit to conduct work within the Right-of-Way. See the requirements for obtaining a permit from the Department of Public works on their webpage.