Zoning / Special Land Use

The Zoning Division conducts plan reviews and public hearings for Conditional Land Uses per the City of Detroit Zoning Ordinance.  Conditional Land Uses may be subject to developmental conditions resultant of the plan review process.  The Zoning Division also conducts historical research for the purpose of zoning verification.

Getting to the Finish Line

How to Obtain Site Plan Review

Step 1. Check if your project requires Site Plan Review in Section 50-3-113 of the Zoning Ordinance

Step 2. Apply online for Site Plan Review. Complete the application and pay associated fees. Site Plan Review fee is $160. 

  • Selecting the PLANNING tab
  • Select the record type Hearings
  • Select Special Land Use

Step 3. The Zoning Division will review your application & send your project to ProjectDox to review plans. Check your email for this confirmation.

Step 4. Upload required documents & plans to ProjectDox.
This may include: site plan & location map, floor plans, proof of ownership or legal interest in property, and other applicable materials 

For the full list of what is required for Site Plan Review see Site Plan Review Checklist
Apply here for Site Plan Review!

How to Schedule Special Land Use Hearings

Special Land Use Hearings are required for uses that are "conditional" in the specific zoning district. When you apply for your Special Land Use hearing it will include the required Site Plan Review. 
Apply here for Special Land Use hearing!

Step 1. Login to your Elaps (Accela) account. Create an account if needed. Watch this video if you need assistance creating your account.
Step 2. Select "Planning" at the top of the screen
Step 3. Select "Create an application" at the top of the screen
Step 4. Check "I have read and accepted the above terms" then select Continue application
Step 5. 
Complete application & put in fee of $1,160
Step 6. Pay SLU fee
You will receive an email within 48 - 72 hours to create an Eplans (ProjectDox) account to upload your site, floor, and elevation plans and other required documents.

Unsure if your project is conditional? Check out our Zoning Portal to identify your use type & zoning district
You can also check the Zoning Ordinance

How to Obtain Zoning Verification Letters

The Division conducts historical research for the purpose of zoning verification. The letters will identify:

  • zoning district(s)
  • legal uses
  • permissions for a specific use at specific parcel(s)

There is a fee of $80 per letter.

Apply here for your Zoning Verification Letter!

Special Land Use Hearings

BSEED Zoning Division will be holding Special Land Use Hearings:


  October 5

    9:00 AM

    Case: SLU2022-00027
    Address:  6001, 6011, & 6015 Barrett St. (PIN: 21036774., 21036775., & 21036776.)

    Proposed Use: 
    Develop an Outdoor Recreation Facility on existing vacant land in an R2 (Two-Family Residential) Zoning District. 

     9:30 AM

     Case: SLU2022-00037
    Address:  3435, 3453, 3459, & 3473 Pulford St. (PIN: 13001703., 13001706., 13001707., & 13001708.)
    Proposed Use: 

     Develop a 26-space Accessory Parking Lot on two separate vacant parcels to serve a 6,276 square foot office development project in an R2 (Two-Family Residential) Zoning District.         


    Meeting ID: 895 1710 6887 

     Dial- In Number: 1-267-831-0333

  October 6 -  Marijuana Hearings

    9:00 AM

     Case: SLU2022-00086

     Address: 15300 Fullerton Ave. (PIN: 22049862.)
     Proposed Use:
     Establish a 46,389 square foot Marijuana Grower Facility in Suite A and a 3,610 square foot Marijuana Processor Facility in Suite B of an existing 49,999 square foot building in an M2

     (Restricted Industrial) Zoning District. 

    9:30 AM

     Case: SLU2022-00093

     Address: 12700, 12688, & 12722 Schaefer Hwy.  (PIN: 22029800., 22029801-3, 22029804.)

     Proposed Use: 

     Establish a 3,666 square foot Marijuana Retail/Provisioning Facility in Suite A and a 2,102 square foot Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility in Suite B of an existing 5,768 square foot

     building in both B4 (General Business) and M3 (General Industrial) Zoning Districts.



     Meeting ID: 864 5475 4457

     Dial-In Number: 1-267-831-0333