Zoning / Special Land Use

The Zoning Division conducts plan reviews and public hearings for Conditional Land Uses per the City of Detroit Zoning Ordinance.  Conditional Land Uses may be subject to developmental conditions resultant of the plan review process.  The Zoning Division also conducts historical research for the purpose of zoning verification.

Getting to the Finish Line

Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review is required per the Zoning Ordinance for various projects. To check if your project requires Site Plan Review see Section 50-3-113
Site Plan Review requires: site plan & location map, floor plans, proof of ownership or legal interest in property, and other applicable materials 

For the full list of what is required for Site Plan Review see Site Plan Review Checklist

Site Plan Review fee is $160. 
Apply here for Site Plan Review!

Special Land Use Hearings

Special Land Use Hearings are required for uses that are "conditional" in the specific zoning district. When you apply for your Special Land Use hearing it will include the required Site Plan Review. 

The fee for Special Land Use hearings is $1,000, in addition to the $160 for Site Plan Review. 
Apply here for Special Land Use hearing!

Unsure if your project is conditional? Check out our Zoning Portal to identify your use type & zoning district
You can also check the Zoning Ordinance

How to Apply for Zoning Verification Letters

The Division conducts historical research for the purpose of zoning verification. The letters will identify:

  • zoning district(s)
  • legal uses
  • permissions for a specific use at specific parcel(s)

There is a fee of $80 per letter.

For full information & how to apply see the Zoning Verification Letter page
Apply here for your Zoning Verification Letter!

Special Land Use Hearings

BSEED Zoning Division will be holding Special Land Use Hearings:

February 17

9:00 am - 6021 Whittier Ave.


Dial-In Number: 1-267-831-0333

Zoom Meeting ID: 913-8069-2722

February 18

9:00 am - 6200 E. Eight Mile Rd.

9:30 am - 361 South Dix Ave.

10:00 am - 13954 Stansbury St.


Dial-In Number: 1-267-831-0333

Zoom Meeting ID: 943-0076-1447