Quick Start Guide - Home Renovation

Steps to Renovate Your Home or Rental Property

01Apply for permits

For a list of permits required for your project, please visit:


For specifics about the trade permitting process, see the Quick Start Guide document

02Begin construction upon issuance of permits

During construction, please post your permits on the exterior of your property.

03Schedule City of Detroit inspections

You may request an inspection by applying online or calling BSEED Construction Inspection division.

Inspections are required for all trades. When approved you will be provided your Certificate of Acceptance.

04Apply for Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance

After approved final inspections for all trades, you can submit for your Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance. These will be required to occupy the home.


*To apply via email, send completed application to [email protected] 

05Occupy The Home!

Don’t forget! Rental Property Certificate of Compliance has to be renewed every two years.

If your rental property does not have a current Certificate of Compliance we strongly encourage you to coordinate this renovation process with the Certificate of Compliance process.