District Inspectors

District Inspectors are assigned to work closely with district officials to ensure community driven blight concerns are addressed.

Getting to the Finish Line

Identify your District

Once you identify your district, you can know who to contact from the table below.

Dumping and Curbside Waste Issues

Select the issue you are having & select the location on the map. 
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Find or Pay a Blight Ticket
Blight Focus on the Commercial Corridors:

District Inspectors are located in the Commercial Corridor office of the Property Maintenance Division, their primary role is to act as a voice and point of contact for blight enforcement in their respective district.

District Inspectors respond heavily to blighted structures. Requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Tall weeds/high grass
  • Razor wire (Only allowed in industrial zones)
  • Graffiti 
  • Obsolete/Damaged Signs and Awnings 
  • Damaged fences 
  • Abandon Vehicles/Boats 
  • Debris/trash or dumping
  • Vacant and open buildings 

Concerns isolated to overgrowth, curbside waste, illegal dumping, and rodents can be reported via Improve Detroit.




Property Maintenance Division BSEED Inspectors


Supervising Building Inspector:

Alvin Nunn


[email protected] 

Alvin Nunn

District 1 BSEED Inspector:

Derek Brown

(313) 597-4404 

[email protected] 


District 2 BSEED Inspector:

Wade Figley

(313) 480-1229

[email protected]


District 3 BSEED Inspector:

Mike Awada

(313) 480-4070

[email protected]

Mike Awada


District 4 BSEED Inspector:

Ernest Myatt

(313) 859-2078

[email protected]


District 5 BSEED Inspector:

Osbie Jackson

(313) 480-2883

[email protected]


District 6 BSEED Inspector:

Saad Halim

(313) 480-3856

[email protected]

Saad Haim

District 7 BSEED Inspector:

Steven Strickland

(313) 569-9747

[email protected]