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Property Maintenance Division Commercial Inspections, Requirements, and Responsibilities


What is a commercial Property?

A commercial property is defined as all business, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other institutions which cannot be classified as a residential building.

The Commercial Office is responsible for ensuring all commercial properties in the City of Detroit are in compliance in accordance with Chapter 4, Chapter 8, and Chapter 50 of the Detroit City Code. Contingent upon the legal use and/or building type, several inspections may occur during the annual inspection. It is our goal for all commercial properties to be clean, safe, and in compliance.



All inspections and processes are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code, Chapter 8 of the Detroit City Code, as well as the City of Detroit Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 50 of the Detroit City Code. These matters are enforced as Blight Violations in accordance with Chapter 1, Section 1-1-9, of the Detroit City Code as amended. The Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department is continuously vigilant for violations of codes and ordinances related to the maintenance of all properties within the City of Detroit. The City of Detroit Department of Administrative Hearings adjudicates tickets for Blight Violations. An Administrative Hearing Officer levies fines upon findings of 'Responsible' and civil remedies are applied to affect collection of judgments, including liens, garnishments, seizures and other such actions as permitted by law.

Our Business Community Is Vital To The City’s Health And Wellbeing

Safe, attractive and healthy business locations are key to the city’s growth and development.

Responsibilities Of Owners

  • Maintain the physical structure and environs in a safe, clean, attractive and healthy manner pursuant to Chapter 8 of the Detroit City Code
  • Make repairs and violation corrections in a timely manner
  • Observe requirements for legal occupancy and use
  • Maintain current certificates and license RESPONSIBILITIES OF TENANTS
  • Use the facilities properly
  • Allow inspectors, owner and workmen reasonable access
  • Keep property clean and promptly notify the owner of needed repairs
  • Maintain equipment and fixtures in safe condition

Responsibilities Of The Community

  • BUY DETROIT!!!! Support local businesses whenever possible
  • Monitor vacant properties
  • Report deteriorating and open buildings to the Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department
  • Report trespass and vandalism to the Police
  • For Commercial and Zoning Complaints: