Development Resource Center

The Detroit Development Resource Center is a division of the Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environment Department designed to help you get your project to the finish line.

Getting to the Finish Line

How to start your restaurant
  • Step 1: How to verify proposed use is allowed in Zoning District. Go here!
  • Step 2: How to obtain a permit with BSEED, if you business requires construction, renovations, or a change of occupancy. Go here!
  • Step 3: How to submit to the Health Department Plan Review. Go here! 
    You can submit along with building permit submission or separate, directly with the Health Department.
  • Step 4: How to obtain & schedule required inspections and how to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Acceptance. Go here!
  • Printable brochure: Starting your restaurant
How to Guide: How to get your business license
How to Guide: How to start your retail or office space
How to Guide: How to start your mixed use development
How to Guide: How to build or rehab your home
  • Step 1: How to determine if your home is in a Historic District. Go here! 
    • If your home is in a historic district, consult with Historic District Commission. Go here!
  • Step 2: How to apply online for a building permit. Go here!
  • Step 3: Schedule and pass the required inspections. Go here!
  • Step 4: Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy (new homes) or Certificate of Acceptance (alterations or repairs). Go here!
  • Step 5: How to register your rental property with Property Maintenance, if you plan to rent your home. Go here! 
  • Printable brochure: build or rehab your home
Learn where your project is allowed and scope permits & fees
  • Enter your project type
  • Map: type in an address or select a parcel where your project is allowed
  • Enter the work you plan on doing & you can see what permits are required and the costs
How to Request a Preliminary Plan Review Meeting

A Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) meeting is set up with different City departments to map out the next steps for you project & answer any questions.

Fill out the online application & submit supporting documents.

Further along in your project & have Building/Trade code questions? Apply for a Pre-Plan Consultation here!

Zoning & Site Plan Review

See here for steps for the site plan review & other zoning processes
If your project required Site Plan Review, you can apply online.
Be sure to submit the required information for review. Check out the Site Plan Review Checklist

How to Apply for Permits Online

Learn about using the online application & plan review systems.

Step 1. Create an eLaps account
Step 2. Submit an application for permit online
Step 3. Access your ePlans account and upload drawings
Step 4. Check the status of your project in ePlans
Step 5. Submit corrections or download approved plans
Step 6. Download your permit from eLaps

Check out videos that will walk your through the process & FAQs.
See here for a written, step-by-step guide.

Building & Sign Permits

Find information about applying for Building Permits, Sign Permits, and submission requirements.