Zoning Verification Letters


A Zoning Verification Letter describes information about a specific parcel, including:

  • Zoning district
  • Overlay zones
  • Current legal land use
  • Permissions regarding proposed use

These letters can provide information about a property so you can know if your project is allowed on a specific site.


A Zoning Verification Letter costs $80.

How to Request your zoning verification letter online!

Step 1. Log into your Elaps (Accela) account. Create an account if needed. Watch this video for assistance creating an account.

Step 2. Fill out an application online

  • Select the 'Planning' tab 
  • Select 'Create an Application' at top of screen
  • Check "Check I have read and accepted the above items", then select "Continue application"
  • Click small arrow next to Zoning Verification and select 'Zoning Verification'
  • 'Continue Application' through each step

Step 2. How to pay

  • In the application, under 'Pay Fees', enter a Quantity of "1" & press 'Recalculate'

Step 3. Once payment is completed you should receive your letter within 5 - 7 days.

If you need assistance making an account in or using the online application system check out our help page.