Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Division is comprised of several sub-divisions and ensures continued compliance for commercial & residential properties. Manages vacant and blighted structures for both commercial & residential buildings. Enforces the Property Maintenance Code & Rental Ordinance.

Getting to the Finish Line

Dangerous Buildings Office
Rental Inspections Office
Residential Office
Commercial Annual Inspection Office
Commercial Corridor
District Inspectors

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Rental Enforcement

Arthur Rushin: [email protected]

  • Schedule rental inspection with 3rd party for 1-2 unit properties and Property Maintenance for 3+ unit properties. During the rental inspection, the inspector will inspect the structural, electrical, heating, and environmental components of the property.
  • Homes built prior to 1978 all need a Lead inspection.
Residential Inspection

Sam Flemings: [email protected]

  • The Residential Enforcement Office is responsible for investigating residential complaints, including emergencies, and inspecting vacant residential properties.
Commercial Annual Inspection

Bob Watson: [email protected]

  • During the annual inspection, the inspector will inspect the conditions of the interior and exterior of the building. The following areas will be inspected: roof & drainage, means of egress, plumbing integrity, life safety, and mechanical & electrical systems
  • 30 days prior to the expiration date of your Certificate of Compliance contact Property Maintenance to schedule your annual inspection
Dangerous Buildings Inspection

Arthur Edge: [email protected]

  • The Dangerous Buildings office's goal is to protect the residents of Detroit from unsafe blighted and dangerous structures
  • Contact the Dangerous Buildings office at (313) 224-3215 to report vacant & open, vacant & not maintained, fire damaged, or collapsing structures
Commercial Corridor & District Inspectors

Terry Martin: [email protected]

  • District inspectors act as a voice and point of contact for blight enforcement in their respective district
  • District inspectors respond heavily to blighted structures. Requests include, but are not limited to: poor maintenance of a home (broken windows, structural damage), graffiti, poor maintenance of fences, and/or razor wire
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Learn about the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code.