Construction Inspection

The Construction Inspection Division is responsible for performing inspections of construction activities in order to ensure construction projects meet approved plans, and are in compliance with building codes and standards. The six trade teams are Boilers, Buildings, Electrical, Elevators, Mechanical, and Plumbing

The Construction Inspection Division also inspects private demolition work, installation of signs and awnings, and processes insurance escrow accounts for fire repair. The construction Division investigates complaints related to construction activities, permits and issues certificates of acceptance and also certificates of occupancy on new construction projects and developments.

Getting to the Finish Line

Certificate of Occupancy

A C of O is issued by the Construction Inspection Division for new construction, major renovations, change of use, and to establish a new use (as in a tenant build out), as required by the Michigan Building Code where a building permit has been issued and work has been completed.

Complete your Certificate of Occupancy Application & submit in person to Room 408 or via email to [email protected]

Fill out the application completely.
Additional information for filling out the C of O Application Form

Certificate of Acceptance

A Certificate of Acceptance (C of A) is issued when the work that the contractor has completed has been inspected by a city inspector and approved by a supervisor of the trade of the type of work completed. 

To receive your C of A, schedule an inspection.
After an approved inspection, a C of A will be sent to the customer through the US mail.

Contractor Registration & Renewal


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Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Coleman A.Young Municipal Center , Suite 408 
General Customer Services(313) 224-3202
Construction Inspection Division Email[email protected]
Trade Licensing & Testing: Engineering /Boiler(313) 224-3184 -or- Elevators (313)224-9401

Chief of Construction Inspection: Glenn A. Davis
Phone: (313) 224-9102 
Email[email protected]

Deputy Chief of Construction Inspection: Robert DeBerardino
Phone: (313) 628-2457 
Email: [email protected]

Office Management Assistant : Deidranai Williams
Phone: (313) 224-3201 
Email: [email protected]

Fire Escrow: Doug Glavac (313) 628-2660


Trade Inspection Supervisors:                       

Boilers Aijalon Denham [email protected]     (313) 628-2433
Buildings   Randy Hargraves  [email protected]    (313) 628-2458
Electrical   Vincent Cooley  [email protected]    (313) 224-3130
Elevators   Kurt Johnson  [email protected]    (313) 224-9401
Mechanical   Greg Wordlaw  [email protected]    (313) 224-3189
Plumbing   Ross Brackett  [email protected]     (313) 224-3157