Sign Permits

Attention: Advertising & Sign Ordinance Amendments 

The City of Detroit has amended Chapter 4 of the 2019 Detroit City Code Advertising and Signs Ordinance for advertisement and business signs. The effective date of the amendment is December 9, 2020. 

Detroit Sign Regulation Application Map

For a copy of the current Advertising And Signs Ordinance click the following link: Chapter 4 Sign Ordinance (12-9-20)



The City of Detroit has prepared a sign guidebook containing graphics, workflows and information that is convenient for the understanding, implementation, and enforcement of the Advertising And Signs Ordinance.  For a copy of the Detroit Advertising And Sign User Guide click the following link:


The City of Detroit announces Phase 2 of the Central Business District Advertising Permit Application Waiting List Entry Form process in accordance with the Chapter 4 2020 Advertising And Signs Ordinance. The form acceptance process will be as follows:

Phase 2 – Beginning at 10 a.m. on February 22, 2021, All owners, or their representatives, of buildings located in the Central Business District may submit the Electronic Waiting List Entry Form. The electronic form can be obtained in the Forms section of this webpage. 

The Central Business District Advertising Sign Permit electronic waiting list and application will be in two parts as follows:

Part 1 Waiting List Entry Form: A electronic form (Smartsheet generated) accessed in the "Forms" section of this webpage, which begins the waitlist and application review process and subsequent generation of the Part 2 Application Reference Code.

Part 2 Application: The electronic sign permit application accessed through the ACCELA system via the provided Reference Code (includes uploading related documents through the ProjectDox system). 

The type and number of signs allowed in the Central Business District related to advertising are as follows:

Local Advertisement Sign – The area of which may not be greater than 700 feet.  The maximum number of Local Advertising Signs at any given time is 25 (not including existing permitted signs erected prior to December 9, 2020).

Super Advertising Sign – The area of which must be greater than 700 square feet.  The maximum number of Super Advertising Signs at any given time is 45 (not including existing permitted signs erected prior to December 9, 2020).  Note: This proposed sign type is also subject to a required monetary contribution to the Public Art Fund as provided for in Section 4-4-129 of the Ordinance.


Upon submittal of the Part 1 Entry Form, the application will be added to the Central Business District Sign Permit Application Waiting List and, if the applicant's entry position has been in reached, a notice to proceed with the Part 2 electronic application process via the ACCELA and ProjectDox systems will be issued via email to the applicant, an a Reference Code will be provided.
At the completion of the sign permit application review, and if corrections are required, the applicant will be notified that they have 15 days to submit the corrections.  If corrections have not been received by the end of the 15th day the application will be denied. Upon completion of the final review and approval a Central Business District Advertising Sign Permit and Sign License will be issued.

If you have questions about this process feel free to contact us at [email protected].”