US Ecology

City of Detroit Air Quality

 US Ecology: 1923 Frederick Detroit, MI 48211

Response to US Ecology Air Quality Violations


  • EGLE has received complaints from the public
  • EGLE responded by visiting the site 
  • During the site inspections, EGLE substantiated the complaints


Summary of Actions taken by EGLE:

  • 9 Violation notices have been submitted to US Ecology by EGLE since 2020. 

More information regarding results of complaints against US Ecology and how they are regulated can be found here.

Wayne County and EGLE are the authorities having jurisdiction in this matter, and we will support them if they seek our help. We anticipate that following EGLE’s citation earlier this year, the State will move quickly and decisively to deal with any air quality issues in the neighborhood. 


Detroit residents can report spills, emissions or other emergencies can call the Michigan EGLE Pollution Emergency Alerting System Hotline: 800-292-4706 or Detroit BSEED-Environmental Affairs 313-224-0484