DWSD 10/30/50 Plan

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What is the 10/30/50 Plan?

The 10/30/50 Plan was developed by DWSD for Detroit residents and businesses that experience difficulty in paying past due water and sewerage bills. There are no income restrictions to qualify.

  • The account must be in the resident’s or business’s name;
  • Customer makes a down payment of 10%, 30% or 50% of the past due balance:
    Percentage is based on the number of payment plans the customer entered in the last 18 months; first time is 10%, second time 30%, third time or more 50%;
  • The balance of the past due amount is equally spread over a 6-24 month period which the customer pays in addition to the normal monthly bill (months are determined by the balance owed); and
  • All payments must be made in full and on time to stay in the plan.

How do I enroll in the 10/30/50 Plan?

Simple to enroll in the 10/30/50 Plan. If your name is on your DWSD account, go to the on the DWSD Customer Self-Service Portal to enroll. Or call (313) 267-8000.

What is the difference between 10/30/50 Plan and the Lifeline Plan?

The 10/30/50 Plan is a payment arrangement that adds the monthly payment amounts to pay off your delinquent balance to your monthly charges. The Lifeline Plan erases your balance, then reduces your monthly bill based on your income level.

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