Sustainability Action Agenda

The Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda was released in Summer 2019 as the result of a year-long process involving community engagement, interdepartmental collaboration, and research. As the first sustainability plan for the City, it outlines a strategic roadmap to create a more sustainable city where all Detroiters thrive and prosper in an equitable, green city; have access to affordable, quality homes; live in clean, connected neighborhoods; and work together to steward resources. 

Developing the Agenda

We focused on engaging a diverse array of Detroiters in every neighborhood across the city – with a particular emphasis on communities historically underrepresented in planning processes. We reached thousands of Detroiters and heard their feedback on the challenges faced by residents and businesses, opportunities to improve quality of life, and suggestions on how to build a more sustainable city. Read more.

Detroit's Sustainability Framework

To achieve our vision, the Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda works to achieve 4 outcomes, with Healthy, Thriving People placed firmly at the heart of our work and building out to include Affordable, Quality Homes; Clean, Connected Neighborhoods; and an Equitable, Green City. Across these outcomes we are committed to achieving 10 goals and implementing 43 actions to address many of the most pressing challenges facing Detroiters today.


Explore the Goals and Actions

Click here to explore the goals and actions of the Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda.

Implementation and Accountability

As part of our commitment to transparency, the Agenda outlines how we will track our progress moving forward. Each Goal is linked to quantifiable Indicators with 5-year (2024) and 10-year (2029) targets to measure progress toward our longer-term goals. A full list of those numbers and targets can be found below, and we will also publicly report on our through regular updates, see below.

The achievement of our vision will require the leadership and coordination of all City of Detroit departments. We  include detailed information on each Action, like lead departments, partners and funding status, in the Implementation Table linked below.


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