Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability’s (OoS) mission is to create healthy, green, vibrant, accessible neighborhoods where all Detroiters can contribute and benefit through: 

  • Collaboration between City departments and agencies;
  • Engagement and partnership among the City, citizens, and relevant organizations; and
  • Process and policy improvement

Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda

We're excited to launch Detroit's first  Sustainability Action Agenda in June 2019. The Agenda is a strategic roadmap developed by the City of Detroit Office of Sustainability to create a more sustainable Detroit where all Detroiters thrive and prosper in an equitable, green city; have access to affordable, quality homes; live in clean, connected neighborhoods; and work together to steward resources. It builds on the decades of progress that organizations throughout the city have made towards a more sustainable Detroit. Click through to learn more about the Agenda.

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