Special Land Use Hearings


9:00 AM
Case: SLU2021-00181
Address: 14620 Tireman Ave. (PIN: 22040411-4)    
Proposed Use: Renovate an existing 1,400 square foot Motor Vehicle Filling Station with Retail in a B4 (General Business) Zoning District. 

9:30 AM
Case: SLU2021-00147
Address:  8029 Grinnell Ave. (PIN: 17002137)
Proposed Use: Construct an eight-space Accessory Parking Lot on existing vacant land to serve an existing Medical Marijuana Provisioning Facility in an R1 (Single-Family Residential) Zoning District.  

10:00 AM
Case: SLU2022-00039 & SPR2022-00001    
Address: 445 Ledyard St. (a/k/a 457 Ledyard) (PIN: 02000618-9)
Proposed Use: Expand an existing Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing facility by adding a 41-unit Residential Substance Abuse Service Facility and a 44-unit Multiple Family Dwelling combined with 4,755 square feet of Permitted Commercial Uses in a B4-H (General Business-Historic) Zoning District. 

ZOOM MEETING ID: 895-1710-6887

DIAL IN NUMBER: 1-267-831-0333