Special Land Use Hearings


9:00 AM
Case: SLU2023-00220
Address: 12244 Morang Ave.(PIN: 21076591-6)    
Proposed Use: Establish a Light Duty Vehicle Service Establishment in an existing 3,200 square foot building in a B4 (General Business) Zoning District. 

9:30 AM
Case: SLU2023-00229
Address:  21101 W. McNichols Rd. (PIN: 22007863-7)
Proposed Use:  Construct a four-story, 53-unit Residential Dwelling with 850 square feet of first floor Permitted Commercial space on existing vacant land in a B4 (General Business) Zoning District.  

10:00 AM
Case: SLU2023-00153    
Address: 1550 Harper Ave. (PIN: 07001823-5)
Proposed Use: Construct a new 51,000 square foot Recycling Facility on the site of an existing 4.82-acre transfer station in an M4 (Intensive Industrial) Zoning District. 

ZOOM MEETING ID: 895-1710-6887

DIAL IN NUMBER: 1-267-831-0333