Special Land Use Hearings


9:00 AM
Case: SLU2024-00060 & SPR2024-00029
Address: 14358 Ashton Rd.  (PIN:  22074992.002L)    
Proposed Use: Develop a 37-space Accessory Parking Lot on existing vacant land to serve a church in an R1 (Single-Family Residential) Zoning District. 

9:30 AM
Case: SLU2024-00052
Address: 735 Griswold St.  (PIN:  02002013.)    
Proposed Use: Establish a Specially Designated Distributor’s (SDD) and Specially Designated Merchant’s (SDM) establishment in a 5,174 square foot tenant space on the ground floor of an existing mixed-use building in a B5-H (Major Business-Historic) Zoning District.

10:00 AM
Case: SLU2023-00202
Address: 19220, 19224, & 19228 W. Warren  Ave.  (PIN:  22000638., 22000639., & 22000640.)    
Proposed Use: Expand an existing 2.391 square foot building to 3,484 square feet and convert it into a Light Duty Vehicle Service Establishment in a B4TMSO (General Business within a Traditional Main Street Overlay) Zoning District.

ZOOM MEETING ID: 895-1710-6887

DIAL IN NUMBER: 1-267-831-0333