Marijuana Hearings


9:00 AM
Case: SLU2023-00236
Address: 8735 Lyndon Ave. (PIN: 16005903.043)
Proposed Use: Establish a Marijuana Grower Facility in an existing 5,776 square foot building in an M4 (Intensive Industrial) Zoning District. 


9:30 AM

Case: SLU2023-00209

Address: 10345 and 10409 W. Eight Mile Rd.. (PIN: 16009481-2 & 16009483-4)
Proposed Use: Establish a 1,824 square foot Marijuana Retail/Provisioning Facility in Suite A of an existing 2,744 square foot building in a B2 (Local Business and Residential) Zoning District.

Meeting ID: 864 5475 4457