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Engaging the community and having their input ensures a more inclusive framework process. Check out upcoming framework community events and past events.

We also have Virtual Office Hours to answer questions directly and on-one (see under Contacts).  Please sign up on our contact list to receive notices and stay up to date on community meetings and events with the city in your neighborhood.

Community open house for the Midwest-Tireman Framework, January 31, 2023

The City of Detroit held a community open house for the Midwest-Tireman Framework on January 31st, 2023, from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Building on the first open house, the second in the series is shifting towards making tangible connection to the elements of study for the framework such as Neighborhoods and Housing, Retail and Economic Development, Parks and Open Space, Industrial Center Development, and Mobility. The event also had an activity for youths called ‘Build a neighborhood.’ 

The Midwest-Tireman Framework team would like to thank the community for continuing to share their input in the engagement process. 

Once again, we extend our gratitude to Deanna Stewart and Carlton Ballard for hosting at Equity Alliance, community leaders, and our- consultants, Interboro and DCDC, for setting up this event.   

Community Meeting

Community open house for the Midwest-Tireman Framework, November 1, 2022

What we heard so far:

What we heard so far


Community Meeting 3 Midwest-Tireman Framework, June 8, 2023

On June 8th, The City of Detroit had Community Meeting #3 at the Equity Alliance. We introduced the community to the neighborhood Framework and shared what we learned from the previous two meetings. These findings were presented and categorized based on the Framework elements: Housing and Neighborhoods, Business and Retail, Industrial Development, Parks and Open Spaces, and Streets and Mobility.

We had an activity where we asked the community to imagine Midwest-Tireman in 2033. The activity was to role-play as someone else ten years from now and put yourself in their shoes to describe the now thriving Midwest-Tireman area to one of their new neighbors. Participants were given areas around Warren, Tireman, and Sherrill school sites as their future residence locations. The goal is to envision what is desired in the neighborhood, help the framework process, and determine a path toward implementation.

Once again, we thank Deanna Stewart and Carlton Ballard for hosting at Equity Alliance, community leaders, and our- consultants, Interboro and DCDC, for setting up this event.

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Midwest-Tireman Resource Fair, June 23, 2023 

The City of Detroit held the Midwest-Tireman Resource Fair on June 23rd, 2023, at the Ark of Deliverance Revival Center. City, county, and neighborhood organizations participated in the event. Resources were made available for categories of Housing, Parks and Open Spaces, Mobility, Economic Development, Code Compliance, Utilities, Health Care, Youth Support, and Neighborhood Block Clubs and Organizations. We thank Pastor Stephanie Jones and Ark of Deliverance Revival Center members for hosting us and supporting this event. 

Contact Information for the resources available for the Midwest-Tireman community can also be found at

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 The City of Detroit Planning and Development Department presented recommendations to the community for the Midwest-Tireman Neighborhood Framework on October 20, 2023, in a Framework Expo! The Expo featured food, fun, and resources available to the community and the plan to uplift the Midwest-Tireman community. The event was held at Equity Alliance (6602 Walton St).

The principles of the framework were:

Build on what’s already there - i.e., start with and build on existing community investments.

Synthesize stakeholder feedback - Creatively transform feedback into the building blocks of the plan.

Be resourceful - Look for opportunities and solutions that address more than one issue or need.

Be strategic - This meant developing an innovative, longer-term vision that can be started with practical, implementable projects to make an immediate impact.


The complete presentation from community meeting #4 and the final neighborhood framework report will be found at:

Midwest Tireman Community Meeting #4