Pay As You Stay

Keep Your Home Detroit!

The City is helping residents like Shanita, keep their home 

Covid-19 Updates: The City of Detroit announced Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP) application approvals will be made on an on-going basis, eliminating the previous deadlines. The final 2020 deadline is December 14. 

The Board of Review and Assessor’s Office are not open to the public through the duration of the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order. We look forward to serving you in person, when it is safe to do so.

Effective, March 16, 2020 no homes will be foreclosed on for the remaining of 2020 because of Covid-19. Delinquent taxes still must be paid. The Wayne County Treasurer's Office (WCTO) is urging residents to make regular payments no matter how small and stay compliant with their payment plans. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance, which will be eliminated through the PAYS program. The City is urging all residents in need of current year and delinquent property tax relief to apply for the HPTAP.

HPTAP and PAYS work together to keep qualifying Detroiters in their home!

What is HPTAP?

HPTAP stands for Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program. It is also referred to as the Property Tax Exemption, “PTE” or Hardship Program. HPTAP provides an opportunity for homeowners to be exempt from their current year property taxes based on household income or circumstances. If approved, you will still be responsible for any fees such as the solid waste fee. Homeowner Property tax exemptions are granted at three levels; full (100%), partial (50%), or 25%.

The City of Detroit announced Homeowner’s Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP) application approvals will be made on an on-going basis, eliminating the previous deadlines. The final 2020 deadline is December 14. 

How can I find out I qualify for the Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP)?

Eligibility for the HPTAP is based on whether you own and occupy your home as your primary residence and your household income or circumstances.

For a full list of income and eligibility requirements please click here

How can I enroll into HPTAP?

Document Needed to complete your HPTAP:

  • Registered proof of ownership (Deed, land contract, probate court order, divorce judgment etc.),
  • Any form of government ID with address and picture the homeowner and all residents over the age of 18,
  • Proof of income for ALL members of the household (this includes any minor children). Examples: W2’s, paystubs, SSI/SSD, pension FIA/DHS, child support, self-employment, signed and notarized letter from who is helping you financially, etc.    
    • If your income is higher than the guidelines, you can list appropriate debts and expenses with supporting documentation, which may be used to offset your income.
    • If your income or assets are higher than the guidelines, please explain your special circumstances and why your application should be approved.
  • 2019 Federal and State tax returns for all adults, if filed (if are not required to file a tax return, the adult must complete a Michigan Treasury Form 4988 Poverty Exemption Affidavit and IRS 4506-T and can provide W2’s, social security statements, or any other document that proves the past year’s income),
  • Proof of residency for all minors in the household (such as FIA Statement, Report Card, Transcript, minor listed on tax return, etc.

What is PAYS?

“Pay As You Stay” is a simple, three-part plan for HPTAP approved homeowners with unpaid delinquent taxes that reduces the burden of those taxes.

1.  For certain qualified residents, *The balance due of unpaid delinquent taxes will be limited to back taxes only or 10% of a home’s taxable value – whichever is less. 

  • *The outstanding delinquent taxes must be greater than 10% of the taxable value of your home.

2.  The remaining balance could be paid back over a period of up to three years at zero percent interest and all interest, penalties and fees will be canceled at the completion of the payment plan. Homeowners who pay off the reduced balance immediately, will be eligible for an additional reduction in delinquent taxes.

3.  For approved residents without a reduced balance, all interest, penalties and fees will be canceled immediately.

How can I enroll into PAYS?

To access the program there's two steps: 

1.  Apply for the City's HPTAP

  • Homeowners who qualify for a Property Tax Exemption with delinquent taxes and enroll in future years may be eligible for the program.

2. Once you’re enrolled into HPTAP and have been approved by City of Detroit Board of Review, eligible residents for PAYS will receive a letter from the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office after April 1, 2020 with next steps to enroll  into PAYS. There is no further action needed at this time until you receive next steps from The Wayne County Treasurer's Department.

**If you have delinquent taxes and do not qualify for HPTAP or were denied, the Wayne County Treasurer's Office offers various plans to assist distressed taxpayers with paying delinquent taxes.

**If you are a renter in a tax-foreclosed home, you may be eligible for Make it Home, which would allow you to become the property owner. Visit United Community Housing Coalition for more information.


***To be eligible for PAYS you must enroll into the HPTAP program, ENROLL in HPTAP TODAY!