Skilled Trades Employment Program

Under the direction of the Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity Department (CRIO), the Construction Outreach Team, serves as a liaison between the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC), developers, and Detroit residents seeking employment within the construction career path.

The Construction Outreach Team is committed to monitoring and supporting compliance in accordance to the City of Detroit Executive Order 2016 - 1. As such, the team identifies barriers to success while implementing results - driven best practices to ensure a sustainable workforce. Increasing our efforts to build strong relationships with developers and contractors, the Construction Outreach Team works collaboratively with CRIO's Inclusion and Business Opportunity Team to observe construction worksites and attend pre-bid and bid meetings.

Included among our efforts is the expansion of the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP). The STEP program is an agreement between the local unions and the City of Detroit. Under the agreement, incentives are provided to local unions to recruit and retain qualified Detroiters within all sectors of the construction workforce. Detroit residents as well as employers are encouraged to call the Construction Hotline for construction workforce opportunities.

In partnership with the Detroit Employment Solutions (DESC) and Detroit At Work, the Construction Outreach Team provides resources and information to Detroit residents who are interested in career paths and training opportunities. The resources include referrals to construction schools, training providers, and training programs including:

  • Basic construction skills training
    • Blue Print Reading
    • CDL Certification
  • Pre-apprenticeship programs
  • Commercial Driver’s License certifications
  • Lead and Asbestos remediation training
  • Certifications in carpentry, electrical wiring and green construction

Contractors who hire participating STEP partner unions will be considered in compliance with the Executive Order, provided they meet their target of Detroiter participation in new apprenticeship classes and membership within their Local. 

Contractors who hire participating STEP partner unions will be considered in compliance with the Executive Order, provided they meet their target of 25% Detroiter participation in new apprenticeship classes. 

All STEP commitments and compliance reports will be available on the City of Detroit’s website. Eligible Apprentices and Tradesmen must reside in the City of Detroit and be able to show proof of residency by producing a valid driver’s license, Michigan ID, Detroit municipal ID or a recent copy of a utility bill in his or her name. This information must be maintained in the Local’s records. 

For questions or concerns regarding the STEP Program and/or unions, contact the hotline. 

*Note: In order to participate in the STEP Program, you must join one of the unions listed under the "STEP Agreements" section*

STEP Agreements:

Laborers 1191

Detroit Skilled Trade Information Meeting