District 4 Community Advisory Council - 7-12-2021


I. Call to Order and Roll Call. Scotty Boman – Chair.
a) Introduction of additional appointee(s) to this CAC: Youth or senior issues representative?
b) Introduction Of City Council Representative Andre’ Spivey (or his Representative)
c) Introduction of guest elected officials.
II. Adoption of Agenda (Formatted to Sec. 14-9-26 of Detroit Municipal Code).
III. Approval of prior meeting minutes – Secretary.
IV. Presentations, Hearings, and Discussions
a) Coalition for Property Tax Justice.
b) Members and the Council Representative are encouraged to request to have presentations placed on the agenda in advance, and to send as much information as possible to all members.
V. Unfinished Business
a) Current community concerns. Plans of action.
b) Internal matters Legal issues with appointments – Course of action in the event a Youth Member has not been appointed.
VI. New Business
VII. Reports
a) Location of next regular meeting (August 9th)
VIII. Public Comment
IX. Adjournment

Primary contact ([email protected]
Voice only: (313) 247-2052
Text only (313) 338-9769

MorningSide Park

4372 Three Mile Dr. ,Detroit, Mi 48224