Livernois - McNichols

Livernois/McNichols Corridor Plan – Fitzgerald Revitalization Project. Comprehensive Strategy for Inclusive Neighborhood Development.

The Fitzgerald Revitalization Project is an initiative led by the City of Detroit to stabilize and strengthen a neighborhood by transforming approximately 400 publicly owned vacant land and buildings into community assets. The vision is to transform a quarter square mile area by addressing every publicly owned vacant lot and house. Removing blighted structures, beautifying vacant lots and renovating homes to attract new residents will contribute to stabilization, increased property values, and improved quality of life for existing and future residents. The City has been working in partnership with residents and local stakeholders to develop a neighborhood framework plan to guide the redevelopment efforts, which will include the creation of a new city-owned park and a walking and biking path that will connect the neighborhood. The plan provides a framework that balances the needs for greater open space, community gathering and recreation, opportunities to develop new productive landscape projects, maintaining affordability, promoting homeownership, and the sustainability of long-term maintenance.

It represents one part of a larger Livernois/McNichols Corridor Plan, a strategy focused on addressing physical, social, and economic challenges across more than ten different neighborhoods, one of which is Fitzgerald.

Project Website: Fitzgerald Detroit HRD

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