The Delray Neighborhood Framework Plan has formally kicked-off on October, 2019. Lead consultant, Rossetti, was chosen to work with the Planning and Development Department. Rossetti is an architecture and planning based firm headquartered in Downtown Detroit. The framework plan will be managed by the Planning & Development Department and include a significant community engagement process to develop consensus around a handful of key objectives. These include:

  1. Existing Conditions Analysis
    • Single Family Home Assessment
  2. Market Study
  3. The Framework Plan
    • Industrial Baseline Programming
    • Development & Revitalization
    • Storm water Management
    • Transportation and Access
    • Environmental and Infrastructure
    • Streetscape, Connectivity and Recreation
    • Vegetative Buffers and Screening
  4. Economic Development
  5. Zoning
  6. Implementation Plan


Delray map


Project Leads: