Eviction, Rent, And Utility Payment Help is Available

As of September 7, 2021, the federal ban on evictions ended. If you are a renter unable to pay rent, you may now face eviction. 

There is help! Local protections against eviction and money for rent & utilities are available. If you are facing eviction or just behind on rent, money is available through the Covid-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (CERA). We can help you get caught up. 

Here is how to get help!

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Online at https://ceraapp.michigan.gov/
  2. Call Detroit Eviction Helpline at (866) 313-2520, ask for a navigation appointment

You MUST show up to your virtual court hearing if your case is in court. Lawyers will be available in the courtroom. Two local protections on eviction apply:

  1. Tell the judge if you have a CERA application to get a 45-day temporary hold on the eviction
  2. If your landlord does not have a Certificate of Compliance you can use this as a legal defense

If you do not have a safe place to sleep for the night and need emergency shelter call CAM at 313-305-0311.