Protect Your Crown

Self Care and Mental Health go hand in hand


Protecting our mental health is protecting our crowns

What is the Protect Your Crown campaign?

Detroit City Council President Pro Tem James Tate is launching ‘Protect Your Crown’, a campaign alongside the Mayor’s Office and the Health Department, that highlights the importance of maintaining one’s overall mental health and addressing any concerns without shame or fear.

Council President Pro Tem James Tate states: 

“When you prioritize your mental well-being, you're likely to be more emotionally available, resilient, and better equipped to handle the challenges of life, I believe It's an act of self-compassion and strength to prioritize your mental well-being and seek support when needed.”


Why the need for the Protect Your Crown campaign?

There is a clear call for help from residents when it comes to mental health. Mental health challenges do not discriminate, whether by age, gender, or neighborhood. The best way to understand our community is to directly hear from them. The Community Mental Health Attitudes Survey is the city’s first online mental health data tool built on resident participation. This will help lay the foundation of what resources, programming, and advocacy Detroiters want and can benefit from.


How can I help?

Take the Survey at the button below and share it with your friends and family! The Community Mental Health Attitudes survey has been designed alongside the Health Department to be SHORT and CONFIDENTIAL. It takes about 4-5 minutes to complete!


What does the campaign hope to achieve?

The campaign goal is to collect 5000 survey participants. It is completely ANONYMOUS. No personally identifiable information will be collected, just zip codes. This survey will serve as a tool to support facilities, resources, and advocacy for Detroiters. It will help to highlight the existing challenges and stigma surrounding mental health, and then uplift solutions to better the community.


When does the campaign kickoff?

The campaign kicks off May 22nd. To help spread the message of mental health awareness across various audiences, Councilmember Pro Tem Tate has wrote and performed Protect Your Crown (all the way down), the campaign theme song where he shares a glimpse into his own mental health journey. The Protect Your Crown (all the way down) single debuts May 22 and is available on all major music platforms. Click the button below to listen! Stay tuned and follow along on this webpage to learn more.

Protect your crown