Paint the Street

The City of Detroit is excited to announce a new program, in direct response to residents and community groups interest for installing artistically painted streets and crosswalks. In an effort to support the strong arts and culture community and to provide opportunities to strengthen community identity, the Department of Public Works has put together a new guidebook outlining the process and requirements for installing a painted street mural or crosswalk by a community group. 



To submit a proposal for a painted crosswalk or street mural fill out our online application:


General Requirements: 



- Only residential (local) streets will be considered appropriate locations.

- Check this map to see your street qualifies:

- Proposals on streets with higher traffic volumes will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

- All locations will need to be approved by the Department of Public Works, Traffic Engineering Division. 



- Community identity logos are acceptable but no advertising of any sort will be allowed. 

- Designs should not replicate or mimic traffic control devices (ex: stop signs).

- The city requires using water-based traffic paint because of easier clean-up, lower toxicity, and a long life span.

- Decorative patterns should not be done in any reflective material. 

- For crosswalks, all original white reflective crosswalk markings must remain, with the decorative portions added around the white reflective markings. If there is not currently a marked crosswalk, the City will evaluate the safety of adding a painted crosswalk to the desired location. 

- For midblock street murals, they must be located at a minimum of 20 feet from the intersection.



- The City of Detroit will not maintain the street painting and the applicant is responsible for maintaining and re-painting the mural as needed. The community will need to reapply for a Block Party or Special Events permit in the years following to touch up the painting.

- In the case that the painted crosswalk/mural is no longer being maintained, either the applicant is required to remove the painting and/or the City reserves the right to remove the mural by powerwashing the paint off.