Detroit Equity Council

One City, For All of Us

Our Mission

We are committed to successful data-driven initiatives that drive toward demographic parity, are rooted in systemic change, remove barriers in city government, and catalyze change in institutions outside of city government for Detroiters.

Our Work

The city and its partners are working to improve housing, entrepreneurship, jobs, and procurement opportunities as well as land access and criminal justice for Detroiters. See our Annual Report below to show our current projects and initiatives. Please continue to visit our website for updates on our work. 


About the Equity Council

In 2020, Mayor Mike Duggan launched the Detroit Equity Council to set a new tone in city government – a tone that says, as government leaders, we are going to break down barriers to opportunity and open doors to greater prosperity for our Detroit residents. To do this, the Mayor appointed the Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity Director as the chair and an additional nine department leaders as members of the council. This council was given the mission of eliminating barriers to equity in eight key areas of city government – human resources, procurement, land and development, entrepreneurship, housing, jobs, climate and criminal justice.


Annual Reports