Acceptable Documents

Participants of the Home Swap program must submit documentation with their application. The purpose of these documents is to determine eligibility and to help calculate Delray score. These documents will help establish home ownership, mortgage balance (if any), occupancy in Delray home, medical condition for anyone in the household, and any children under the age of 5. Documents must be valid and current. Other documents may also be accepted.

Homeownership: To establish ownership of home, applicants may submit one of the following.

  • Deed*
  • Land contract*

Land Contract/Mortgage Balance: To show remaining balance on land contract or mortgage, applicants may present a copy of any 1 of the documents below issued within the last 30 days.

  • Mortgage coupon
  • Mortgage Statement

Occupancy: Residents must validate living in the home by providing any government issued photo ID with current address and 1 additional document from the list below.  Documents must be valid and/or current.

  • Valid Michigan I.D. / Driver’s License (or Detroit I.D.)*
  • Bill (utility, phone, etc.)
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Pay stub or earnings statement
  • Life, health, auto or home insurance policy
  • Federal, state or local government documents
  • Michigan car title and registration

Medical Condition: Applicants may submit the following to demonstrate pregnancy or any medical condition(s) aggravated by noise/air pollution for any member of the household.

  • Letter from Doctor (medical records are not necessary)

Children: To determine the age of children in the household, applicants may provide the following for any child under the age of 5.

  • Birth Certificate (if born outside of the U.S., must provide an officially translated copy of foreign birth certificate.
  • School Record
  • Report Card
  • WIC Statement
  • Tax Return

*Required documents

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