Report Issues Related to the Detroit Department of Transportation

Report Issues Related to the Fire Department

Report Issues Related to the Police Department

PIF form to initiate an inquiry relative to to payroll checks, accrued balances, retro payments or rate changes

The City of Detroit generates a standard letter in response to all employment verification requests.

In accordance with the City of Detroit Record Retention Schedule, the City of Detroit Human Resources Department maintains active employee personnel files throughout the duration of their employment.  Inactive personnel files are kept for a maximum of six (6) years. 

Supplement Lobby Registration form to add or remove Clients

Application for Banner Permit to place banners of City of Detroit Light Poles  that promote or celebrate its civic institutions, or public activities and events in the City.

Complete this form to request tests for lead in drinking water.

Form for registering Health Complaint and/or Inquiry 

Lead and Copper Sample Request Form

Bedding and Furniture Permit Application

Bedding and Furniture Sterilize / Fumigate / Spray-Disinfect

Annual Report for Bedding and Furniture

Child Care Center Environmental Health Inspection Report

DWSD Lead and Copper Sample Request Form - complete this form if you believe DWSD should send you a sample kit to collect a drinking water sample from your house.

DWSD Claim Form - Maintenance and Repair Division, Claims Section