Map of Harridon Terminal Renaissance Zone

Map of Central City Renaissance Zone

Setting up a Food Establishment in Michigan (video)

Submitting a Plan Review for a Food Establishment (video)

Fixed Food Service Establishment Plan Review Packet

How to Start a Food Business in the City of Detroit

Plan Review Guide

Examples of Standard Operating Procedures

Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments

How to Have a Temporary Event in Detroit

Temporary Food Service Establishment Food Safety & Licensing Guide

Mobile Food Guidance

Food Service Fee Schedule

April 2020 Food Safety Newsletter

Guildlines for the usage of Hart Plaza

General Information & Regulations
Hart Plaza management is providing the following information to help assist you in plan your event.
All on site services must be requested through the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department Management Office

Board of Electrical Examiners Exam Procedures

A Sample of Park Improvement Donation Letter