Revised Resolution Condemning the Acts of Violence at the US Capitol

January 19th Informational Session - Ford MCS Home Repair Program

List of the first properties slated for demolition under Prop N, January 8, 2021

Memo: Post Construction Commitments – NP Conner Avenue Industrial, LLC 

Response: Development Post Construction Employment—NP Conner Avenue Industrial LLC

RFP for Repair and Renovate for Hart Plaza

January 11 2021 Public Health and Safety Contract Review Contracts

Memo: Community Health Corps Questions and Concerns

Memo: Curbside Parking Ordinance

Memo: COVID-19 Prevent Policies (Infectious Disease)

2020 4th Quarter and End of Year Report

January 11, 2021 Gunshot Detection System Directive 307.8

OIG Findings relative to Motor City Match Concerns

Critical incident response procedures have been designed to provide general guidelines for responding to a broad range of emergency situations such as barricaded gunperson, civil disorder, bomb threats, hazardous material, natural or man-made disasters, or other incidents of unusual occurrence wh

The purpose of this directive is to establish procedures for notifying employees and members of an ongoing or potential critical incident.

The purpose of this Directive is to establish guidelines for the rapid notification and deployment of all department personnel in the event of a critical incident.

To develop procedures for departmental response to disruptive public gatherings, strikes, demonstrations, civil disorders and mass arrest situations.

The purpose of this directive is to develop procedures and guidelines for departmental responses to bomb threats, unattended and suspicious items, suspected military ordnance, and explosion scenes.