Neighborhood Opportunity Fund / Public Facilities Rehabilitation Application Best Practice Webinar

Eastern Market - April 1, 2021 

2022-2023 CDBG Neighborhood Opportunity Fund RFP FAQ #2

2022-2023 CDBG Neighborhood Opportunity Fund RFP FAQ #2

Request of the American Community Developers, amend Chapter 50 of the 2019 Detroit City Code, Zoning, by amending Article XVII, Zoning District Maps, Section 50-17- 2, District Map No.

An opinion on the legality of requiring tow rate fees be submitted with a low income hardship policy.

2021 MDHHS Reportable Disease List- by Pathogen

2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines

​WCR Final Community Meeting, May 2021

CDBG - Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Threshold Requirements and FAQ

How to stay health and safe during flood events provided by the Detroit Health Department

Seven tips to clean up flood damage from the Detroit Health Department

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) Six Action Steps to file a Damage Claim after the June 25-26 Rainstorm

BOPC Newsletter _7202021

WCR Final Meeting Flier - May 2021

2021 Primary Election Satelite