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Housing Strategy

The Housing Strategy builds a neighborhood where high-quality, accessible, and diverse housing options are affordable to households of all incomes. Greater Corktown stands on the brink of major investment and a period of transition. The strategy aims to ensure that residents of all incomes can remain in the neighborhood, and experience and participate in the neighborhood’s economic activity. 

CKG residents will have diverse housing options designed with features and amenities they have identified as priorities. Residents at CKG and other affordable housing communities will be protected from future displacement through the preservation and expansion of affordable units. New mixed-income housing development at CKG and throughout Greater Corktown will meet high standards for design, safety, sustainability, and accessibility. 

Housing will be affordable to households with incomes up to 30%, 60%, 80%, 120% AMI and above. The Plan will create: 

  • 86 replacement units for returning CKG residents
  • 65 Project-Based Vouchers (“PBV”) replacement units for very low-income households committed by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  • 331 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit affordable units
  • 158 workforce units (affordable for 80%-120% AMI)
  • 161 market-rate units
  • 40 affordable homeownership opportunities


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Explanation of the Housing Phases

  • Phase I Left Field:
    • Left Field will be a multi-family housing project containing a total of 120 units at varying levels of affordability, and will provide 48 affordable units as replacement units for CKG residents. This development will be comprised of Studio, 1 Bedroom, and 2 Bedroom units.
  • Phase IIA Preserve on Ash (POA I&II):
    • Phase IIA will contain two phases of multi-family housing in North Corktown and include the Owen School Site Community Empowerment Center. It will contain a total of 160 units including 139 affordable units as potential replacement units. This development will be comprised of 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom units, and 3 Bedroom units.
  • Phase IIB NC Homeownership:
    • Phase IIB, adjacent to IIA, will include 10 single family home and 20 townhome units available for purchase. These will include 8 affordable units and 22 market rate units. These homes have a range of 2 to 3 Bedrooms.
  • Phase III Clement Kern Gardens (CKG):
    • Clement Kern Gardens is the target site for this CNI. The three buildings will be demolished in phases and rebuilt as a mixed income development. The development will include 350 new units at varying levels of affordability, where 158 will be affordable units available as return or replacement units for current Clement Kern Gardens residents. This new construction will contain townhomes and apartments ranging from 0 to 3 bedrooms. Demolition will likely begin at CKG East in late 2023.
  • Phase IV Ford Pal Lots:
    • The Ford Surface Lots will be a multi-family housing project containing a total of 146 units at varying levels of affordability including 131 affordable units as potential replacement units. This development will be comprised of 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, and 3 Bedroom units.
  • Phase V Bagley Homeownership:
    • The Bagley development will provide 10 for-sale affordable 1 and 2 Bedroom condominium units on a historic residential street two blocks east of the Clement Kern Gardens site.


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